Hey there! We are Haleigh and Jack, SEO bloggers and photographers.

Photographers and bloggers who are obsessed with Parks and Rec, bad dad jokes, and exploring new places. 

meet the team

As photographers, we LOVED the creative side of the business. The actual business side? Not so much...

Let's face it. Running a business is hard and NOT what you imagined when you decided to pick up that camera to photograph others. We know it wasn't for us. But, after over 12 years in business, we know that in order to get your dream clients, you have to put in the work. We hired an amazing business coach who helped us realize what the hell we were doing wrong. One of those things? NOT BLOGGING STRATEGICALLY. So, we busted our asses for 8 months to crank out over 250 strategic blog posts and guess what? Those ideal clients came flooding in. It was truly the missing piece. After we started seeing success (going from 20k per year to 6 figures), we saw others in the coaching program struggling with it.

After seeing the pain point from most photographer's in a coaching program, we knew we needed to make a change. 

The biggest pain point in the program was blogging, and blogging strategically, more specifically. They were either too busy with family, their other jobs, their photography business, and the list goes on. So, we wanted to find the best solution. We personally outsourced all of our blogs for our photography business, but it took a LONG time to find the right writers. The SEO was also never done properly and it added more time to what we were supposedly outsourcing. 

The solution? Completely done-for-you SEO optimized blogging. By taking everything off of your plate, you are able to just focus on what you love about this business. 

Top: Rocky, our child. Left: Our wedding day. Right: Our travels 


We are the owners of Haleigh Nicole Photography, a Wintson-Salem Maternity & Newborn photography team. We've been through the business building ebbs and flows, and want others to be able to focus on the creative side of business. You know, the fun stuff. 

Meet Haleigh

All the Important Things You Need to Know


You'll find me in a National Parks shirt and jeans/pants daily. Never a dress. Unless we have to take branding photos. 


I'm a theatre and dance lighting designer. I also worked for the Mouse. Mickey Mouse, that is. 


Fall is my favorite season and it lasts all year in our home. I don't know if Jack likes it yet.


When I first met Jack, I said a really mean thing to him because he was invading my work space. It hooked him and we've been together ever since. 


In a previous life I was a sound designer and engineer. So now EVERYTHING gets a sound effect. 


Yes, I'm a life long Red Sox fan. No, I'm not from Boston. I know. I get it. And I married a Yankee fan.


Do not ask me my favorite song unless you have a comfy seat. It's gonna take a while to unpack that one.


My momma and I only just recently learned what my first word was. Momma was not happy. Best 30 year secret my dad ever kept.

Meet Jack

All the Important Things You Need to Know

Your at-a-glance guide to where we stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Haleigh: Cheesecake
Jack: Pizza

celeb i'd love to meet

Haleigh: Aubrey Plaza
Jack: Chris Pratt

Guilty pleasure

Haleigh: Reality TV
Jack: Late Night PB&J

alternate universe job:

Haleigh: Baker
Jack: Park Ranger

favorite place i've been:

Haleigh: Aspen, CO
Jack: Aspen, CO

Favorite Musician

Haleigh: Panic! at the Disco + Taylor Swift
Jack: This question is not fair and I refuse to answer.

can't live without

Haleigh: Rocky (our dog)
Jack: Haleigh

usually craving

Haleigh: Chocolate
Jack: Peanut Butter

beach vs mountains

Haleigh: Mountains
Jack: Haleigh said I can't choose both, but both.

favorite show to binge

Haleigh: Parks and Rec
Jack: Parks and Rec