Kyle Goldie

Photography Business Coach

As photographers, we turned to coaching to level up our business. That's why we've partnered with our wonderful business coach to share the knowledge with you! Kyle Goldie is an award winning and published photographer across many genres, and has been an educator for 12+ years. He is the honest push in the right direction that you've been searching for. Check out our journey with Kyle and all he can do to elevate your business

real talk:

Are you burnt out from too many sessions and not enough income? Are you not seeing any leads and are tired of wasting money on ads that go nowhere? We were the same.

When we first reached out to Kyle, we were doing 4 sessions per week for minimal income. We were tired, frustrated, and needed a change. We hired Kyle and our life completely changed for the better. After one on one coaching calls, redoing our website, fixing our SEO, and blogging like crazy, our bookings were consistent and all organic from Google. 

You don't have to do it alone.

What Kyle Offers

This is his amazing coaching program! You'll have lifetime access to the material, twice-weekly group coaching calls, 1:1 time with Kyle, and a mastermind Facebook group for more assistance. And direct access to us!

Having a high-end and properly SEO optimized website is the key to your success. Kyle provides the most gorgeous templates and even done-for-you services. 

When I started with Kyle, I struggled to make each session consistent with different lighting and locations. His preset completely changed the game and can fit any style!

is that a yes?

Schedule a Free Discovery Call

Find out if coaching from Kyle is right for you (we're sure it is!!). Hop on a free discovery call with Kyle to chat about your struggles, your goals, and what he can do to help. This was the first step we took, and the information he gave us in that call helped us get inquiries within the first week!