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Alt Text for SEO

Let's be honest. Sitting in front of your computer screen describing images for the same session or niche is boring as hell. Luckily, Jack finds it thrilling and will sit there for hours doing it. Let him take it off your plate. 



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Step One

Choose the package that best suits the needs of your website. A larger amount of photos will need more time. 

Step Two

Fill out the form that is sent to you! This will include information about your website login, specific locations you are wanting to target, and more.

Step Three

Your website will be put in our queue for alt texting and you will receive a notification when your website is about to be worked on! When we are done, you'll get the all clear message from us. 

How do I get this boring task off my plate?!

As a solopreneur with two young children, I often find myself juggling too many things. 

Since hiring Rokee & Co., I don't have to worry about whether or not I'll have time to research/write blog posts. It's been a huge weight lifted for me! Plus, several of the blog posts they've written are on page 1 or 2 already and are driving traffic to my blog. Highly recommend!

— Hannah M. - Motherhood Photographer
Boston, MA

Haleigh, Jack, and their team do a fantastic job writing SEO optimized blogs for my website. Their attention to details and timely communication makes working with them a breeze! And the difference I saw on the performance of my website is what kept me coming back for more. I am now entering my 4th month of their blog subscription and I know I’ll stay with them for a long time. Thank you Rokee & Co. for helping me to reach my goals faster!

— Danielle D. - Motherhood Photographer
Houston, TX

Rokee & Co have written over 60 well researched and thought out SEO driven blogs for my website. I am so thankful to be able to just send over my keywords and let them do the rest! I will definitely continue using them for all my blogging needs!

— Kerry C. - Boudoir Photographer
Boston, MA

Hands down the best experience working with Rokee & Co. for my blog research / writing needs. As an entrepreneur who wears many hats, I knew I needed to outsource some work in order to continue growing and allow myself to focus on the service I offer. After providing them with keywords I wanted to use per blog, I have seen a huge increase in Google traffic since these blogs have been published. Looking forward to working with this wonderful business!

— Kalyn M. - Motherhood Photographer
Greater Washington DC

Haleigh has been SUCH a help when it comes to blog creation and keeping the content fresh on my website. I've even noticed my rankings improve with a few of my keywords! Excited to see how this "booking season" wraps up now that my site has more eyes on it.

— Stephanie S. - Wedding Photographer
Miami, FL

Amazing!! They are so knowledgeable and their work is top-notch! Even just chatting with them briefly, they understood me and my business more than I feel like I do most days. I cannot recommend them enough!

— Lauren V. - Motherhood Photographer
San Diego, CA

Absolutely can not say enough good things about Haleigh's blogs! She basically does it all for me from writing to posting and has made my life so much easier. And her blogs aren't just written really well, they are also SEO researched and targeted for my specific needs. I REALLY highly recommend Haleigh and her services!

— SVenja B. - Wedding Photographer
Greater Washington DC

Such an amazing experience! Wonderful customer service, quick responses with a very well-written product! I would absolutely recommend Haleigh and her team! Worth every penny!

— Amanda G - Motherhood Photographer
Ontario, CAnada

Haleigh and her team are the ultimate bloggers for photographer. They play close attention to every detail to ensure your blog posts are relevant to your niche and optimized for SEO. I can’t express how grateful I am for these amazing blog posts and the time I save by having them write them for me

— Alysha S. - Motherhood Photographer
Kelowna, B.C.

Haleigh and her team at Rokee & Co have written AMAZING blogs for me - and I will continue to hire them out for future blogs for my website. I never have to worry about accurate information, and the SEO aspect of them is always SPOT ON!

— Jennifer B. - Motherhood Photographer
Southern Minnesota

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the turn around time for my alt-text?

A: Your website will be added to our queue as soon as we receive the intake form back with all the information we need. From there, you can expect the service to be done within 7-10 business days. 

Q: What is needed from me to complete the alt-text service?

A: After making your purchase, you will receive an email with a form to fill out. In here, you'll give us your website login information, the areas you are looking to target, and approximately how many photos you think you have.

Q: What's the point of alt-text and why do I need it?

A: You want to be found on Google by everyone, right?

Longer answer: Alt text is a description of an image that is used when the image is not available for the website viewer. It is most commonly known for complying with ADA standards (Americans with Disabilities Act). It gives screen readers text to read to those with visual impairment and it appears on the website if your image fails to load. Additionally, it helps search engines know what the content is of. So when someone searches for a Virginia wedding photographer or a bride on a staircase at a certain venue, your images will be in the image search!

Ultimate Alt Text

Basic Alt Text

I want this!
I want this!



Alt Text Options

Get all those images done in one go. You'll receive up to 4 hours of our time to make sure your images are ADA and SEO-friendly. This covers around 350 photos (great for those who have a full and kick-ass portfolio).

Not sure how many photos you have? Only need a handful done? No problem. You'll receive up to 2 hours of our time to make sure your images are ADA and SEO-friendly. This covers around 150 photos. You can always come back for more!

**Recommended Option for full websites**