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Hey there! We’re Haleigh and Jack, the husband and wife SEO bloggers behind Rokee and Co. We’re so glad you’re here and can’t wait to help you get started with your SEO blog writing. You’re probably wondering how the hell we got into this (or not, but we’re going to tell you anyway).

We’ve been professional photographers in Orlando since 2010, and honestly? We were making money and booking clients, but our business wasn’t growing. Being burnt out and exhausted all the time sucked. So, we hired a business coach at the end of 2020 to who helped us realize what the hell we were doing wrong (Kyle Goldie – he’s the best of the best). One of those things? NOT BLOGGING STRATEGICALLY. So, we busted our asses for 8 months to crank out over 250 strategic blog posts, and guess what? Those ideal clients came flooding in. It was truly the missing piece. After we started seeing success (going from 20k per year to 6 figures), we saw others in Kyle’s coaching program struggling with it.

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Becoming SEO Bloggers

The biggest pain point in the program was blogging and blogging strategically, more specifically. They were either too busy with family, their other jobs, their photography business, and the list goes on. So, we wanted to find the best solution. We personally outsourced all of our blogs for our photography business, but it took a LONG time to find the right writers. The SEO was also never done properly, adding more time to what we were supposedly outsourcing. We didn’t want that for everyone else, so we strived to find a fix.

The solution? Completely done-for-you SEO-optimized blogging. By taking everything off of your plate, you can just focus on what you love about this business. With us, you have a team of 4 writers, two proofreaders, and two SEO experts handling your blogs.  We officially launched in June of 2022 and have been non-stop ever since!

Let’s Start This Blogging Journey Together!

We are so excited to see what comes next on this journey and can’t wait to work with amazing creatives like you. Stay tuned for more resources and tips for photographers!

To check out our photography side of the business, head over to Haleigh Nicole Photography! And don’t forget to jump over to our coaching page to learn more about Kyle’s fantastic photography business coaching program!


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