6 Highly-Rated Client Galleries for Photographers for 2023!

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While taking photos and getting to know your clients is undeniably the best part of the job, running a successful photography business requires a network of tools that can help you establish your brand, connect with new clients, and display your beautiful work. With so many client galleries for photographers on the market, selecting the one that will work best for your unique business can be overwhelming. But don’t worry! We’re here to help! 

When it comes to choosing the right online gallery, you should consider a few key things. First of all, look at every level of their pricing. Usually, their tiers of pricing are reflective of the gallery storage provided. But keep in mind that the storage you need right now will hopefully continue to grow. So think about selecting a size or two up. Take the aesthetics of each program’s galleries into consideration, as well. They should look high-end, but they should also be a reflection of you and your brand! Keep your eye out for features that make your life as a photographer easier, like templates, integrations, marketing tools, and other perks that will help your business thrive. And, of course, look at it from your client’s perspective. Ensure that accessing their galleries and buying prints is easy and seamless. 

We’ve taken the time to highlight some of the industry’s top online galleries for you. And for what it’s worth, we’ve used almost all of them!

(There are affiliate links in this article that will give you discounts with these client galleries for photographers. But we assure you that any of them will be a great match for your company. We only recommend the best in the business.)

Our Six Favorite Client Galleries For Photographers

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I’m a little biased, but Pic-Time is one of my favorite client galleries for photographers (we personally use it for our clients)!

Pic-Time is well known for being aesthetically elegant and simple, built on two main foundations of design and technology. Founded by a husband and wife team with experience in photography, computers, and printing, Pic-Time has become a culmination of the photographer as both artist and business owner. They provide each of their photographers with “tools for efficiency, design, and business growth.” So your work can look polished and professional while still being accessible to clients. 

Pic-Time allows photographers to create beautiful, custom client galleries that help to communicate, share, and sell your images. You are able to craft your client’s entire journey, from viewing their photos to ordering prints to sharing on social media or with friends and family. With Pic-Time, you can also integrate video and GIFs into your galleries to make them extra appealing, including utilizing a GIF as your gallery cover for a special first impression.


When it comes to your portfolio, your clients can log in directly to their galleries. Portfolio pages are fully customizable to help you best showcase each personalized photoshoot. Portfolios can also be easily integrated into your website to help increase traffic. Plus, in an incredibly mobile world, Pic-Time also makes it easy for your clients to view their galleries on their phones! With quick loading and the ability to easily share, shop, and download images wherever they are!

Share images in a beautifully polished slideshow using their slideshow creator, which is conveniently built right into your Client Galleries. You can add an extra special touch by including a song from their full licensed music library. Their album feature allows you to easily design, sell, and order albums directly from each gallery or give your clients the opportunity to do it all themselves. From design to ordering to shipping, everything is done through their complex, easy-to-use system. 

Automated Marketing

One of the areas Pic-Time really shines is its marketing automation, which includes powerful tools for proven marketing strategies like customized emails, discount banners, reminders, and more. These marketing funnels are customized to each gallery, so your clients will receive customized content that can target their specific interests and enhance your sales.


Pic-Time offers five different levels of pricing, differentiated by storage and other package benefits. They offer a free membership with 10 GB of storage, including client galleries, their smart store, and marketing automation, but the slight catch is they’ll take a 15% commission of your sales in return. This is also true for their Beginner Package, which offers 20 GB of storage for $7/month. Their remaining three packages, the Professional (100 GB, $21/month), Advanced (Unlimited Storage, $42/month), and Multi-Brand (Unlimited Storage, $58/month), include extra bonuses like slideshows and blogs and a fairly reasonable price.


  • Built-In Marketing Strategies 
  • Customizable Galleries with Elegant Slideshows
  • Ease of Use

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CloudSpot is all about helping your business grow faster with less confused clients! They understand that when a customer’s experience is seamless and easy to manage, they have a much higher likelihood of shopping and spending money. Which only benefits you. The CloudSpot client galleries for photographers can help you turn your clients into raving brand ambassadors – and happy customers lead to higher profits! Plus, it was created for photographers by photographers, so a lot of their problem-solving tends to be photographer-minded; that means any issues you may have are approached from a mindset of making things easier for you, the independent business owner. 

When it comes to delivering your photos to your clients, CloudSpot makes it easy to create beautiful albums that are reflective of your style and creativity that are sure to make a fantastic first impression. They make downloading images simple, so your eager clients can access their photos with ease. You can also impress your clients with a customized mobile app, so they can share, shop, and download right from the gallery on their phone. And the fun doesn’t stop with browsing through a beautifully curated gallery; CloudSpot’s immersive shopping experience allows you to set your prices and determine how much you make on every sale. When your client is ready to check out, CloutSpot handles the fulfillment and shipping, so you don’t have to think about anything but your photography and keeping your clients happy. 

Social Media Integration

Social media is also important for independent business owners such as yourself. So CloudSpot makes posting on social media even easier for you. You can manage all of your social media images and captions directly through your CloudSpot dashboard. They keep things simple and save everything in one place. Meticulously typing out fellow vendors in your posts is also a thing of the past with a quick copy and paste of vendor lists, @mentions, #hashtags, and emojis, so you spend less time typing (and worrying if you’ve left somebody out.) Plus, use their Plann integration to schedule and automate posts, so you can get back to living your life without having to pause to post. 


CloudSpot has four tiers of membership to accommodate every budget and need. They do have a free membership with 10 GB of storage, but similarly to Pic-Time, their free option does come with a 15% commission fee. Their other levels include Lite (100 GB, $12/month), Pro (350 GB, $24/month), and Unlimited (Unlimited Storage, $34/month.) It is a particularly affordable platform, and since their free membership does not include unique perks like their mobile app, full-resolution downloads, and a few others, it may be worth paying for the upgraded packages. 


  • Easily accessible for clients
  • Tools to make social media posting simpler 
  • Created for photographers by photographers 

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Zenfolio strives to be your one-stop shop for all of your photography business needs. For them, their business isn’t just about websites and sharing photos. It’s about helping you become a successful photographer with a thriving business. They understand that photography is a passion, and the dedication to creating a business rooted in this creative passion is a gift. Zenfolio works hard to make sure you can earn more by simplifying all of the important parts of running a business, so you can focus more time and energy on building relationships with your clients and helping them capture the most important moments in life. 

Zenfolio helps you create a beautiful website that reflects your aesthetic and represents your gorgeous photos with professionalism and style. And don’t worry – you’ll never need to know coding or in-depth tech talk to make your website look polished. The client galleries you can build and share are mobile-friendly and interactive, so your customers will be thoroughly impressed with your phenomenal work. Plus, when they’re done shopping, Zenfolio’s partner labs will handle all production and shipping while you sit back and collect the profits. 

More Than Just A Gallery

Of course, your photography business isn’t all about your photos. Zenfolio helps you with the business side of your company. Including year-round marketing campaigns, automated workflows to help handle the administrative, behind-the-lens tasks, and even automated booking and payment so your clients can book a photoshoot and pay you at any time. Zenfolio has also created a community of over 500,000 photographers to provide one another with support, training, and more so you can continue growing and thriving as a creative professional. 


Zenfolio offers three simple levels of membership. Their simplest is the Portfolio, which comes in at $7/month with 15 GB of storage. This level, however, does lack the ability to sell products straight from your website, which can be quite a lost opportunity for increasing profits. The PortfolioPlus level is $19/month, with 150 GB of storage, and includes almost all of the Zenfolio perks discussed above. Their highest level, ProSuite, has unlimited storage for $33/month, and with this membership, you get to take advantage of all of their benefits, with the added bonus of never having to worry about running out of space! 


  • Plenty of customizable templates for you to create a beautiful website
  • Online booking and payment capability
  • Automated marketing and other administrative tasks

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Shootproof is all about functionality when it comes to sharing client gallery platforms for photographers. Additionally, they make ordering prints seamless and easy. They want to help you “build your brand, portfolio, and profits simultaneously.” Their templates include an About page, a Contact page, and a Homepage that features your public photo galleries for a simplistic website solution that can get your business up and running instantly. Additionally, ShootProof portfolio websites let you showcase your gorgeous photos and connect with potential clients. All in the same space where you deliver and sell photos. So everything you need is conveniently located in the same spot.

ShootProof knows that your clients are what matters most, so their system allows you to create dedicated online galleries for each unique client, create easy digital invoices and collect automatic payments, provide fill-in-the-blank contracts, create client email campaigns, and more. ShootProof also utilizes convenient add-ons like Lightroom and WordPress widgets and the ability to add a special song to each client’s gallery. 


ShootProof has five plans from which to choose. Their free plan allows you to try ShootProof risk-free but only provides storage for up to 100 photos. It’s a great way to get your feet wet. But it probably won’t last your business too long. Their other memberships are the 1,500 Photo Plan ($8.33/month), the 5,000 photo plan ($16.67/month), their popular 25,000 Photo Plan ($25/month), and the Unlimited Photo Plan ($50/month.) All of their paid plans include high-quality photo storage, the ability to sell digital downloads, gorgeous client galleries, your branding logo and watermark, full control over pricing and product, and so much more. 


  • Simplistic and straight to the point 
  • Handles digital invoices, payments, and contract templates
  • Free membership to give their platform a try

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Pixieset is all about making photographers’ lives easier, inspiring all of their clients on their journey to create their own photography business. Each one of your clients will receive a dedicated online gallery with a beautiful customized cover and layout to enhance their pictures. Encourage them to share their favorite photos with social sharing built right into the albums, so sharing is easy (meaning more people see your work!) 

When it comes to creating your website, Pixieset provides gorgeous, easy-to-use website themes and templates created by world-class designers so your photos become the true star. You won’t need to know any coding jargon to create a beautiful site that reflects your brand and style. Enhance your website with blog posts, and drive traffic with their SEO tools that will help your website rank higher in search engine searches. 

Pixieset also makes sure the administrative side of your business is easily managed with digital invoices, contracts signed anywhere with eSignature, quotes, and questionnaires. Plus, your clients can view your availability, book their own sessions, and make payments all through your website. As far as selling products, with Pixieset, you have full control over your pricing and products, as well as the ability to use their integrated lab partner or use your own. 


Pixieset has five membership levels to accommodate every photographer’s needs. They do offer free membership with 3 GB of storage for up to 1,000 photos, but it does come with a 15% commission fee (their paid memberships are all commission-free!) They also offer their Basic package (10 GB, $8/month), Plus (100 GB, $16/month), Pro (1000 GB, $24/month), and Unlimited (unlimited storage, $40/month.) 


  • Customized mobile galleries for clients 
  • Plenty of administrative tools
  • Brand-focused SEO support

Various electronic devices open with a Picsello client galleries for photographers


Picsello is the newest platform for client galleries for photographers to hit the market, and it is already making an impression! With Picsello, you’ll have the tools to “easily run a successful photography business, nurture your talent, and grow your brand like a boss.” One of the best parts? It was created by Jane Goodrich, a fellow professional photographer. Her team’s insight, expertise, and compassion are being put to the test in order to help you succeed. 

You already know you have the talent and passion for photography; that’s why you’re here in the first place. Picsello can help you manage invoicing, pricing, marketing, selling, and upselling, so you can focus on what you love – taking beautiful photos and forming lasting relationships with your clients. Picsello has a mobile-first design, so you can work on the go wherever you are. Their impressive client galleries and products include pressure-free sales tools for easy upsells and unlimited gallery storage. So you’ll never run out of room. Plus, 100% of your gallery sale profits go directly to you! Additionally, they offer pricing assistance with their Smart Profit Calculator, so you can set sustainable prices confidently. 

If you’re running a business, marketing is an obvious need. Picsello helps to make marketing efforts easy, with marketing emails (and pre-written email templates available) to convert potential leads and easy ways to share content on social media. Their business coaching also lets you spend less time searching for important answers, so take advantage of their helpful tips and instant business advice from industry professionals. 


Picsello keeps things nice and easy with one single plan. For $35/month, you’ll receive perks like streamlined client booking, beautiful client galleries, easy invoicing, contracting, and booking, pricing assistance, and unlimited storage! If you want the chance to try it risk-free, they offer a 30-day free trial, so you can see how Picsello can transform how you run your business! 


  • Price-assist tools like the Smart Profit Calculator
  • Marketing support
  • One simple plan with a 30-day free trial

Client Galleries For Photographers

Whatever perks and benefits you are looking for in an online gallery, chances are that one of these fantastic client galleries for photographers has it available for you. Remember that it all comes down to finding the program that can help you define your brand. Reach more clients and deliver incredible galleries that will wow your clients. Help them relive their memories for years to come. 

If you are looking for help with blogging for SEO, then we should chat! We are photographers at our core, so we understand how hard it is to run a business and keep up with everything. So we write blogs for other photographers to help drive traffic to your site. These blogs help build our business, and we love helping others do the same! We are more than happy to help with any of your blogging needs! For more resources for photographers, check out our other blogs below. While you’re here, be sure to check out our SEO Blogging services if you’re ready to take something off your plate!

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