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As blogging becomes more and more integral in the success of a small business, online blogging SEO tool software is multiplying rapidly. From keyword and backlink data to reports that track the traffic coming to your website, these blogging SEO tools will save hours of your time while optimizing your online presence to outrank competitors. 

The Ultimate Guide To Blogging SEO Tools

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) quickly became the backbone of a successful online business. In order to optimize online results, business owners utilize tools like blogs, specific keywords, etc., to enhance their organic rankings when potential customers search the internet. Of course, managing your online presence takes time and effort. A business’ website can occupy a large portion of a business’ income–even more so after the pandemic. Online shopping and online services are easy, quick, and accessible to offer to customers. These blogging SEO tools will make your life easier and more enjoyable by allowing you to focus on why you started the business in the first place. 

Yoast Premium blogging seo tools


Yoast was created to be “SEO for everyone.” This platform is an excellent option for business owners new to SEO and online marketing. The Yoast SEO software is active on more than 13 million websites. On their website, you will see the title “the number #1 WordPress SEO plugin.” Their goal is to “help website owners get more traffic from the search engines.” Yoast offers free and premium plans, so you can try the platform before deciding. The free version includes the basic features of the software, like the blogging SEO tools you need to increase your ranking and understand technical SEO, and five free academy courses. 

The free version of Yoast provides the necessary tools to learn about SEO and helps you get started. Still, the Premium plugin enhances your online presence by automating your SEO, reaching more people searching on the interest, and helping you learn how to use SEO to your advantage. Yoast essentially enables you to utilize all online resources to promote your business. This feature provides comments and suggestions to ensure your writing is “SEO-friendly.” Yoast SEO recognizes related keyphrases, synonyms of keyphrases, and different word forms of keyphrases. The software automatically adds the correct structured data for your website–one of the most effective ways to get your website noticed by search engines–and suggests options to add more structured data. Yoast provides previews of how your posts will look on Google and Social Media. 

Users who get the premium version of this blogging SEO tool also receive complimentary access to Yoast SEO Academy. They will have access to new features, avoid deadlinks, and have full academy access for $99 a year. The service is available in over 20 languages.

What does Yoast work with?

Yoast offers several products depending on what your business needs. Yoast SEO for WordPress assists you in optimizing your WordPress site by allowing you to download different plugins. Video SEO plugins will improve your videos. The Local SEO plugin enhances your local visibility in your community; the News SEO plugin optimizes Google News; the WooCommerce SEO plugin optimizes your online store; and Yoast SEO for Shopify helps optimize your Shopify. The Plugin Subscription gives members 5 Yoast plugins, all training courses, and 24/7 support that can be billed annually or monthly. The plugin analyzes your website regarding technical standards and gives you the tools necessary to optimize your content for SEO and readability with no coding required. A premium Yoast SEO subscription also includes 24/7 support. 

Yoast SEO Academy

The Yoast SEO Academy helps you learn everything about SEO and WordPress through online courses. Whether you are a beginner or an SEO expert, the course covers all topics. They even include templates for a variety of strategies for users to implement. Even if you don’t subscribe to the software, you can sign up for free SEO tips and free courses that help make your website rank higher on search engines. 



Textmetrics, an augmented writing platform that enhances your writing and advertisements, helps business owners “make every word count.” This blogging SEO tool assists users in writing better job advertisements and better content by analyzing your texts and offering suggestions to make your writing more robust and more straightforward. The Smart Writing Assistant can read 12 languages and be used globally–allowing you to defy language barriers and reach candidates from different nationalities, cultures, and age groups. The Smart Assistant helps you avoid gender biases and confusing language while enhancing your SEO visibility on Google. With Textmetrics, you will get a greater diversity of applicants which transitions into more diversity in the office, better candidates, and more successful reach. 

The augmented writing platform acts as a “writing coach” or editor working to strengthen your business’ brand. They bring attention to potential barriers like the content in an advertisement sounding too masculine or feminine. Textmetrics also ensures your writing is at the most common readability level, which is B1. The platform uses AI algorithms to assess your descriptions. Additonally, like Grammarly, Textmetrics analyzes whether the text achieves its purpose and can identify incorrect, redundant, incorrect, or unnecessary language. Marketers will enjoy Textmetrics as it ensures your business’ branding is consistent and strong. The data provided by Textmetrics helps companies to address strengths and differentiate from their competition. They analyze what job titles are the most successful and how similar companies decide to promote their company. Textmetrics is supported in Microsoft Word and Outlook. 

keywords everywhere blogging seo tools

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox that adds search volume, cost-per-click (CPC), and competition data to any website to provide insight into the most accurate keywords used by your audience. This platform helps you utilize Google to increase attention to your business. They acquire data like your monthly search volume, which tells you the average total searches people have used for a particular keyword. Cost-per-click details the cost per click of a keyword. Their feature Adwords Competition estimates the number of advertisers running ads on Google Adwords for a specific keyword. 

A unique feature of Keywords Everywhere is Trend Data–a tool that analyzes monthly data for specific keywords on Google and Youtube back to 2004. Trend Data can be downloaded monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly. Keywords Everywhere users can access the top 5,000 keywords any website ranks and estimated traffic in the top 20 Google search results. The platform also provides “People Also Search For” data to see related keywords. You can download all data in Excel, CSV, or PDF formats. This blogging SEO tool also has a feature that tracks SEO Difficulty detailing the difficulty of ranking specific search queries on Google. The program determines how well the content on a page has been optimized for the top 10 results on Google. Domain authority and backlinks are considered when ranking search queries. 

There’s a FREE version!

Keywords Everywhere offer a free version and a paid version. In the free version, users can see related keywords on Google and Bing, “People Also Search For” keywords, Trend Charts on Google, and Youtube insights and tags. However, no volume data is included. The free version allows you to see monthly traffic, the top 500 keywords that any URL ranks for, and a list detailing the density of keywords in the content on the page. The paid version has everything in the free version but includes monthly and historical search volume data, Trend Charts on Google dating back to 2004, CPC, competition, and 12-month trend data. The paid version of Keywords Everywhere supports more than 15 websites. You can also import keywords for monthly search volume, CPC, and competition. 

moz link explorer blogging seo tools

Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer is not your average backlink checker: the platform contains data for over 40 trillion links on the internet, 718 million domains, and 7 trillion pages. The insights provided by Link Explorer help your business rank higher, acquire more traffic, and achieve measurable results. 

MozPro offers several features available to strengthen your business’ SEO. They even consider a user’s level of SEO proficiency when signing up for the platform so they can help users learn SEO, not just enhance it. Keyword Research enables you to understand customers’ intentions while searching–helping you market your company to match their searches. Link Explorer also suggests keywords with the highest traffic. Rank Tracking helps you understand what keywords are working and what keywords are not. This feature also tracks the keywords that are being used by your competition. Site Crawl analyzes your website for technical issues affecting your SEO and provides suggestions for fixing them. Content Optimization allows you to audit your SEO while giving recommendations on how to boost your page rankings. Link Research provides insights on how to attract quality and legitimate links. This SEO blogging tool also includes analytics and reporting to track your progress.

MozPro Campaigns

MozPro Campaigns combine rank tracking, site audits, metrics, and link data into an easy-to-use dashboard. Users can see how well their website ranks against up to three competitors for its target keywords. The platform allows you to try out searching for a URL on their homepage if you make a free account. A free account on Moz Link Explorer includes ten link queries and 50 rows of data per query every month. Over 500,000 users rely on Moz to enhance their SEO. G2, a widely trusted software marketplace, has repeatedly ranked this blogging SEO tool as the easiest to use and administer. 



SerpWatch is another keyword rank tracker tool that works toward getting your business to reach the top of the Google search results. With over 3,000 customers, the platform sends customizable rule-based notifications for significant keyword changes that you can send via Slack or your email. Unlike other keyword trackers, though, SerpWatch believes that tracking keyword rankings alone provide only part of the picture. 

To provide the complete picture, SerpWatch created several blogging SEO tools for a user to understand the metrics that drive your business. The Search Intelligence Hub helps companies to understand data from the past, present, and future by unifying all of the SEO rank variables you choose to monitor so you can understand how people find your website. They even have an SEO keyword rank tracker assistant named “Serpie” that monitors SEO for their users. SerpWatch is integrated with apps like Linkedin and Twitter so you can promote the most vital keywords on your social media. 

SerpWatch Report Builder

The Report Builder creates accessible reports for your desired projects and keywords you are looking to track. SerpWatch allows you to assign a weight to each keyword so you can focus on the more important keywords and monitor the others–the only SEO platform offering weighted keyword graphs. Reports can easily be shared by adding recipients to the report settings and even scheduled for whatever frequency you desire. 

SerpWatch adds your business’ branding to reports and your client management dashboard. SerpWatch makes it easy to manage a variety of clients and projects. It also makes it easy for the clients: instead of reaching out to check in on progress, they can view results in real-time, anytime. SerpWatch provides clients with access to their reports 24/7, as well. The platform believes that “trust is the single most important factor to forge long-lasting client relations” and that transparency helps businesses achieve trust faster. They understand that SEO is a journey. It can take six months to a year for clients to see results. Clients can view their keyword rank, organic traffic, competitor report, projected organic revenue, impressions, clicks, and search engine results page (SERP) features.

Blogging SEO Tools

Any business with an online presence will benefit from the above blogging SEO tools. Not only will these tools allow you to focus on the parts of your business that you enjoy, but they will strengthen and assist you in understanding the analytics of your business. 

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Disclaimer: We are proud affiliates of some of the above blogging tools and may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through our links. However, we only promote products we genuinely believe in.


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